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Quickie: sake tasks for Merb hackers

If you hack around on Merb itself, take a look at these sake tasks

$ sake -T
sake merb:clone          # Clone a copy of all 3 of the Merb repositories
sake merb:update         # Update your local Merb repositories.  Run from
 inside the top-level merb directory.
sake merb:gems:wipe      # Uninstall all RubyGems related to Merb
sake merb:gems:refresh   # Pull fresh copies of Merb and refresh all the
sake merb:install:core   # Install merb-core
sake merb:install:more   # Install merb-more
sake merb:install        # Install merb-core and merb-more
sake merb:sake:refresh   # Remove and reinstall Merb sake recipes

The code is served piping hot direct from GitHub so it’s always current. If you’d like to contribute, let me know and I’ll add you.